Monday, May 3, 2010

Wedding Details

Holy Smokes! Not to brag but......come on! I had the BEST and CUTEST wedding and recpetion EVER! So, here are the pictures that my friend Janeice took. Hope you enjoy!

My cute Photo Booth. We are renting it out, go to


  1. A-MAZING! Oh yeah- I went to your photogs website and DIED!!! The few pics she had up of you guys were fabulous! Not only that, but I couldn't stop looking at her page. All of her pics are so unique. Good choice!

  2. I saw your wedding on and I immediately fell in LOVE! This is such a great style and theme and the colors all fit so perfectly together. Awesome job!!

  3. Hi Catie,
    I fell in love with your wedding on GreenWeddingShoes! I'm the editorial director for WS Publishing Group and I'm putting together real couples who planned weddings under $10,000 for a new book. Could you email me and we can chat about you being considered? I think your wedding is such an inspiration.

  4. Love your dress! Wondering if you still have a pattern or suggestions on making your dress? I'm currently looking for a similar pattern to make my own!